What Is Preventive Dental Care?

If you’ve ever heard the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, then you have a basic understanding of preventive care. When it comes to your mouth, things are only a little more complicated. Dental disease is almost entirely preventable: an apple a day isn’t quite enough to keep the dentist at bay,… Read More »

Are Dental Veneers Right for Me?

At Buck Family Dental, we want you to love your smile. No matter your health needs or cosmetic goals, Dr. Buck is committed to working with you to ensure that you love the way your smile looks. If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, dental veneers may be a good option for… Read More »

What Is Prosthodontics?

Have you ever heard the term prosthodontics and wondered exactly what it means? You may be surprised to learn that this branch of dentistry encompasses many services that you are likely to require or encounter at some point in your life! The definition of prosthodontics is “the branch of dentistry that deals with the restoration… Read More »

What Is a Dental Laser?

Since the 1990s, dentists have increasingly employed laser technology in their treatments, but many patients aren’t exactly sure for what procedures they are commonly used. Buck Family Dental uses laser technology to offer you gentle, high-quality dental care with a speedy recovery. Dental lasers have a number of useful purposes and benefits, and it’s good… Read More »

Breakfast Matters: Best Breakfast Foods for Your Teeth

Eating a healthy breakfast is a great way to start your day. The foods you choose to eat, however, not only affect how you feel, but they also impact your dental health. For this reason, it is important to make wise choices for your morning meal. Dine with Dairy Foods that contain dairy are a… Read More »

How to Get Brighter & Healthier Teeth At Home

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean is extremely important, yet many people neglect to take proper care of their teeth. At Buck Family Dental, we want to help you get into a good dental routine so that your teeth stay healthy and strong. Here are a few secrets for a healthy smile. Brush Often Enough… Read More »

Protecting Teeth When Playing Sports

As the final rays of summer sun fade away, the excitement of fall sports fills many households. Preparing young athletes for competition extends beyond the practice field and studying play-books. Athletes of all ages need to focus on protecting their teeth for sports to avoid serious injuries during the game. Mouth Guards In many sports, the best… Read More »

Getting Kids Excited About Their Oral Health

As if getting kids excited about exercise, homework, and eating properly weren’t enough, we must admit – a child’s oral health is just as important for their future. Only before you go renting that giant molar costume you saw online, try a few of these tips on getting kids excited about their oral health. Then,… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Mouthwash

Shopping for mouthwash can be confusing and mind-boggling. We’re here to help guide you through the different types of mouthwash and give you all the information you need to learn about which type is best for you. The Two Different Types of Mouthwash There are two different types of mouthwash: cosmetic rinses and therapeutic rinses.… Read More »