5 Tips for Elderly Oral Care

Advancing age doesn’t have to mean advancing tooth decay and dental diseases. Check out our blog post for 5 tips on caring for your oral health as you get older. We talk about proper oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking and alcohol. Ask our expert dental practice all your oral care questions!

How Much Water Do I Waste When Brushing My Teeth?

Check out our dental blog to discover 4 simple ways you can conserve water when brushing your teeth. Make Mother Earth smile by helping to preserve our planet’s water supply. Our Dallas dental team wants to see YOU smile too! Contact our friendly practice today to schedule your appointment.

Why You Should Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Being a good pet owner involves making sure your pet gets fed, has shelter, and enjoys enough exercise — but what about cleaning their teeth? On our blog post, we discuss why you should brush your pet’s teeth and how to do it. Read on to learn more about taking care of your pet’s oral health!

History of Dental Tols

Dentistry has changed leaps and bounds since its origins in ancient times. And a huge part of that is because of the types of dental tools people used. Stop by our blog post to learn more about the history of dental tools and how they’ve shaped the dental field.

Holiday Food that’s Bad for Your Teeth

The holidays are known for family time, chillier weather, lots of presents — and, of course, delicious meals. At Buck Family Dental, we’re always looking out for your health so on our blog we go over the holiday foods to watch out for since they could spell trouble for your teeth.

The Science of Smiles

A smile is more than just showing off your beautiful pearly whites; it’s the universal symbol of happiness and joy. Did you know that there’s actually a scientific reason behind why smiling makes us happy, and why being happy makes us smile? Smiling and Your Brain Smiling is a part of a positive feedback loop… Read More »

Famous Monster Teeth

Halloween spirit is in the air, and that means it’s time to talk about monsters—specifically, hall-of-fame monster teeth. Teeth are often the most terrifying part of a monster, and the following baddies take full advantage of that. Jaws The shark so nice they named it twice—well, at least they named it after its most terrifying… Read More »

Wacky, Wonderful Toothpaste Flavors

If you’re anything like us, you enjoy some variety in your life to keep things interesting. For example, cereal is wonderful, but it’s nice to switch things up and enjoy some eggs or even French toast occasionally. So, why not extend this adventurous spirit to your toothpaste? Goodbye, plain old mint toothpaste. Hello…bacon? Everyone, especially… Read More »

5 Key Things for a Healthy Mouth

At Buck Family Dental, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive dental care. From exams to teeth whitening to root canals, Dr. Bishop and the rest of our team are committed to fulfilling your preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental needs. We believe in educating our patients on how they can care for and preserve their smiles,… Read More »